a wounded healer

If you’re reading this, it means that you’ve decided to trust that little voice inside telling you that you have some healing to do. I know that voice well; it’s the same one that led me to embark on a lifelong healing journey.

I went to therapy for the first time at 30 years old, following a tumultuous 7-year marriage to the infamous Wolf of Wall Street. My transformation required deep self-reflection and the courage to admit my mistakes, own them, and commit to changing. Yet, that hard work was worth the effort, as it allowed me to become reacquainted with my authentic self. Through my own healing, a passion for helping others create vitality was born, so at 39, I returned to school to become a psychotherapist.

I have been in practice since 2008, and the vision of my work is to help individuals gain awareness of and express their authentic selves. As well as reach their full potential, create rich, intimate connections and relieve suffering. Connection is a vital aspect of the human experience. I believe that the more connected one is to their authentic self, the greater connection they will have with others. Developing an awareness of and connection to our authentic selves supports our overall wellbeing and mental health.

A wounded healer with strong emotional and relational intelligence, I work with individuals struggling to map their own journey and overcome their own self-doubt. Sensitive yet straightforward, I ask the unasked questions to get them to go deep within themselves to self-reflect, discover their truth and own their story. Intuitive, tough, and with a touch of humor, I encourage them to find calm amidst chaos, serenity amidst struggle, and hope amidst hopelessness.

My work is informed by a cutting-edge treatment method called The Neuro-affective Relational Model (NARM). NARM works with one’s mind, body, and attachment patterns to support new and healthier habits that create increased capacity for connection and aliveness. To best support my patients and stay updated on the latest psychotherapeutic techniques, I constantly read books, research journals, listen to podcasts and take courses. I feel humbled and honored to be of service to others in their journey toward healing!

For fun and self-care, I enjoy exercising, painting, cooking, decorating, and spending time with my blended family of five children, my husband John of 20 years, and my Bernadoodle Coco.


“The challenging, brave task of having to find one’s own identity is unavoidable.”