we are all wired for love

The experience of feeling felt, feeling known by another with all of our flaws, imperfections, talents and resources leads to intimacy passion and commitment.

We are all wired for LOVE and there is a map for life’s greatest experience. Pre-marital counseling is a tool that can ensure that your relationship starts off with a strong foundation. Through your pre-marital counseling you will learn skills and develop resources to support a strong, stable marriage.

the skills will be developed by:

  • Learning what you and your partner’s attachment styles are: this invaluable information will help you understand how you and your partner’s brains are are wired for relationships.
  • Gaining skills that will allow couples to communicate in a healthy, functional manner.
  • These specific communication skills have been scientifically studied. Utilizing them will ensure that you that you and your partner can communicate in ways that strengthen your connection.
  • Building a friendship base and couple bubble to create a rich bank account of positive connections so that each partner feels safe and secure.
  • Learning how to fight well, de-escalate fights and when fights do happen how to repair the fights.
  • Understanding the importance of respecting each other’s inner world of thoughts and feelings.

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“The greatest gifts of love are, I see you, I hear you, I feel you, and it’s that simple.”