My Brand New Guide on Healing from Traumatic Love

Research has shown that the happiness a person feels is in direct correlation to their most intimate relationships. Thus, relationships are the foundation of our lives! Yet, we all come to relationships with unresolved or unknown core wounds from childhood and often wonder why we end up on a path ridden with heartbreak and destruction. None of us are born knowing how to navigate love, relationships, or let alone choose a healthy partner, and few of us have adequate resources to figure this out.

The Trauma Bonds e-book has been a labor of love born out of my painful personal experience of being married to the Wolf of Wall Street in my early twenties. It is the guide I wish I’d had all those years ago when I embarked on my sobering life-long healing journey. Now on the other side, I have the great privilege of imparting my wisdom to you.

Regardless of where you are relationally – single, divorced, married, dating, recently broken up, struggling in a relationship, or simply seeking to grow – this e-book is for you. It’s for anyone who has ever felt the joy and pain of loving another or loving again. As Stan Tatkin once said, “Thankfully, relationships aren’t like baseball, where it’s three strikes, and you’re out. The universe keeps pitching us new opportunities to redo, repair, and reinvent ourselves with another person.”

Reinventing your relational story begins right here, right now, with you. So I invite you, ready to dive deep?


Disclaimer: This is NOT a replacement for psychotherapy, a therapeutic relationship, or medical advice, but supports self-discovery, personal growth, and well-being.

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Recent Book Reviews

This book as given me the strength to heal from trauma I have experienced in past relationships. It taught me about self soothing and how to not be so co dependent. Nadine’ offers guidance and hope and has helped me to gain the confidence to move forward and love myself. This made me a stronger woman and improved all my relationships. I really appreciated Nadine’s ability to be so honest and open about her personal experiences. I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to heal from any emotional wounds from their past.

Lauree V.

“I wish I had this before I married my first and then second husband. Ironically, I had opportunities to be with and possibly marry better men than the second one I chose (and perhaps the first one) but I ran from them. Looking back, I exhibited all the traits you talk about, and succumbed to the overpowering rush of the narcissists who overwhelmed me with their LOVE. Having been a single parent to a daughter whose father was mean and neglectful, and watching her first boyfriend be a repeat of her father, I am going to ask her to read this. Maybe it will help her in her future relationships. Thanks for being brave enough to bare your own experiences to help others.”

Claudia C.

“Attention all women!
Dr. Nadine Macaluso’s book is an amazing, fascinating, easy to read, healing, informative, true, self-care book that every woman should read! I call this my “personal go-to handbook” which has helped me Immensely! Dr. Nae shares her real life trauma experiences to help others in need, she is a true healer! I will be buying her book for all my friends for the Holidays!”

Jacqueline S.

This book is not only an interesting read, but it is so interactive. I have had a few friends read the book as well and realized that they were also in a trauma bond. Dr Nae’s experience being married to The Wolf of Wall Street makes her an expert on what Trauma Bonding actually looks like. I am so grateful that she has put this book out into the Universe. Thank you!

Meghan J.

“I read the book and I identify with the feelings and issues it brought up for me. It helped me understand how little by little, because of who I was, in combination with who I partnered with I lost myself. This book helped me realize that doing the work and taking responsibility for my part is where my growth and happiness.”

Cindy S.